sexta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2006

Brunitezas: my baby this week

Sete meses e uma semana. Beijos babões e tentativas de beber em xícara.

Your baby is learning to recognize emotions and moods, and he's finding new ways to demonstrate how he feels emotionally. One wonderful example: He may start giving you kisses. They may be drooly and gummy at first, but they'll still taste just as sweet! When your baby is bored, he may squawk fretfully or squeal just to get your attention.

He may also be ready to try drinking from a cup, so if you haven't tested that out on him, you might give it a shot. (Consider it a "dry run" for the bottle-fed set: Experts say it's a good idea to wean a baby from the bottle by around age 1, to prevent overattachment to it and help forestall dental problems, and early familiarity with a cup can definitely ease the transition.) A sippy cup with two handles makes learning to use a cup a lot easier, as your baby can grab onto it with both hands. Expect messiness or even resistance at first, but with persistence and practice, he should easily get the hang of it.