sexta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2007

Google Analytics curious revelations

My special thanks to the readers who visited DVeras em Rede in the last 7 days from United States, Portugal, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, France, Uruguay, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Greece, Norway, Peru and India. Some of you are my beloved friends, others are good acquaintances, but I have no idea about most of your identities, or why you found interest in this Portuguese-written blog which is far from being popular.

For a moment I have the flattening idea that you came to appreciate the brilliant and universal language of my photos. Feel free to tell that I´m completely wrong - as I suspect. Probably you came through some of these marvellous misteries of aleatory powers, that confirm us all as part of human race. Or searching the hot video of Cicarelli having sex in the beach (sorry, wrong address, I´ve just commented the censorship episode). Anyway, welcome! If some of you foreign readers react to this post, perhaps I should try writing in English more frequently.